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Please use this form to submit the details of your request for work to the Edinboro University Center for Branding and Strategic Communication.
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What marketing/branding items do you need? Ex: Logo, business card, website, etc.
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By what date can all necessary materials for the creation of this piece be supplied? Submission of project content is the responsibility of the client. This includes all artwork (existing logos, photography, illustrations) and copy (all written information to be included). If content is not submitted by agreed upon deadlines the final deliverable will be pushed back and/or project completion may be compromised. *
The NWPA Beehive's Network for Branding and Strategic Communication is interested in developing partnerships that will create meaningful opportunities for our students and sustainability for our programs, both now and in the future. Please tell us how you can help us support these goals. *
We are looking to work with entrepreneurs and startups that are committed to investing time, money and energy into their business, and to create a sustainable service or product. Please explain how you plan to accomplish this, and how you believe we can facilitate this experience from a design and marketing standpoint. *
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