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Do we share the same Ideals? Would you like to join this Initiative? A group of Young people drawn from both Corporate and Community groups came together to offer a solution to what is going on in the Society. To Tell the Untold Stories.

My Leader Kenya (MLK )will;
1. Profile Individual and Partner Stories on different thematic areas (#TellingUntoldStories)
2. Form a Directory of all Interested Kenyan's, Leaders, Youth, Women Empowerment Groups across the country in various sectors.
3. Partner with different Networks, NGOs, CBOs and Groups doing several things in different communities in the country.
4. Organise various channels to connect and to share information from different groups using MLKTV Youtube channels, Bulk SMS, magazine, whatsApp groups, social media, radio & TV shows.
5. Aim to harmonize the sector. We seek to create synergies within the spaces to cater for the vacuum currently being experienced.
6. Create a national and grassroots network of members to coordinate programs and activities being undertaken by our member partners
7. Provide a Resource Center for Partner members for research and development.
8. Work with Members to crowd source for funding, lobby for Donors & Government Funding
9. Carry out Monthly activities across in the country on separate thematic Areas.

My Leader Kenya seeks to recruit members to join the team in achieving its key goals. To be a member, kindly fill in the form below:

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