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Thank you for you interest in being a vegan mentor!

The Explore Veg Mentor Program consists of a three month match between a mentor and mentee, after which time the mentee graduates from the program. Mentor/mentee pairs are expected to meet every two weeks, and to attend at least one Compassionate Action for Animals event (potluck, dine-out, or other event) during their participation in the program, unless they live over an hour away from the Twin Cities.

We will review your application and let you know if you have been accepted within two weeks. If you are accepted we'll also provide more information about your role as a mentor, including how long it may make take for you to be matched with a mentee.

The more mentors we have, the better the program works, because this increases the probability of precise matches based on location, age, goals, and other factors. We really appreciate your willingness to support others!

This program specifically serves mentor/mentee pairs in Minnesota and western Wisconsin. If you live outside this area, we suggest you contact Vegan Outreach.
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*Explore Veg mentors may not provide medical advice. The goal is to provide a positive influence to others who are looking to take the next step towards a diet that is more respectful of animals. With that said, animals are not always the motivation behind a diet change and becoming vegan is not always the end goal for an individual. We believe that welcoming people where they're at can create the most change for animals. Explore Veg Mentor Program administrators will reach out to you once a month to check progress and receive feedback.Completing this questionnaire does not guarantee your acceptance/selection as a mentor. *
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You will hear back from us about your application within two weeks. Thanks so much for your interest in being a mentor!
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