WILC 2019 Volunteer Application
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Team Host
The Team Host will liaise between their assigned team and the facility. They will answer questions, provide information, and ensure that the team is aware and adhering to their daily schedule for practices, mealtimes, transportation, and other facility usage.
Game Assistants
The Game Assistants will be assigned to fill one of the following positions while the games are in action. We require Scorekeeping Assistants to be listening to calls being communicated by the referee in games, to assist the official scorekeeper with ensuring accuracy of information being recorded. Scorekeeping Assistant will be with the official scorekeepers for the duration of each assigned game.
Clock Assistants will be assigned to check the time throughout the game to make sure the clock isn’t running during times it should be stopped and to ensure that the time isn’t stopped when it should be running.
Penalty Box Gate Openers will be in the penalty box for the duration of the assigned game(s) to open and close the penalty box for players who are entering and exiting.
Event Assistants
The Event Assistants will be assigned to fill one of the following positions through the event, including outside of regular game times.
Hospitality Room Host will be in the Hospitality Room for volunteers, ensuring entrance is limited to volunteers starting, ending or on break during the shift and any facility staff members. Hospitality Room Hosts will assist other volunteers if they have questions before their shift and will let the applicable staff member know if the Hospitality Room requires additional supplies, refreshments, or cleaning.
Accreditation Monitors will be stationed throughout the facility and will be responsible for ensuring access is only granted to people with the appropriate accreditation for the area.
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