UPNG Student E-Mail Request
This online form is intended for legitimate students of UPNG to apply for an E-Mail in UPNG domain (student.upng.ac.pg)
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1) All fields in this application form are mandatory.
2) If your details are found to be correct, you will be provided with an E-mail ID as <Student ID#>@student.upng.ac.pg. For example, your Student ID Number is 20191000, your e-mail id would be 20191000@student.upng.ac.pg.
3) The E-mail ID assigned to you will be revoked 6 months after completion of your study or graduation. You are therefore requested to move your important e-mails/contacts to your alternate e-mail before UPNG E-mail is revoked.
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All the details filled in the above application are true to the best of my knowledge. I here by declare that I will abide by the rules and regulations of the University in using the e-mail provided to me.
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