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Address: 8924 Old Cedar Road, Bloomington, MN 55420
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1 - This is a free training for 9 months and it is open to both genders.  
2 - Commitment is a must. Investment in your knowledge is strictly to serve Allah (swt)
3 - Training starts on Sunday Oct. 21st 2018 @ 2 PM. Orientation will be held an hour before start of the training
4 - Location: Masjid Ar Rahman (MCC) at address listed above @ 2 PM and go till 4:25 PM.
5 - Attendees will be seated according to Islam's modesty guidelines.
6 - Training to conclude mid June 2019 inshaa-Allah and then trainees will get opportunities to get involved
7 - Level 1 (for new trainees) and Level 2 (for experienced trainees) training will be offered
8 - Training for both levels will be held twice a month on Sundays. Each day will follow a specific structure

Teachers: to be announced soon.

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