Pitches for Guest Posts on the Zapier Blog
Please complete this form in order to be considered for a guest post on the Zapier blog.

Before sending a pitch, please read our guest post guidelines (https://zapier.com/blog/zapier-blog-guidelines/) and review the following notes:

1. Please search the Zapier blog (site:zapier.com/blog) to be sure we haven't already written about the topic.
2. Please be sure your pitch is going to align with our mission: to help people be more productive at work and grow their business without draining resources.
3. Please ask yourself: Does this address an actual problem or pain point people have? Put another way, are people actually searching for this? (We'll double check via keyword searches on our end, but please keep this in mind.)

Note: we do accept excerpts from books as guest posts, but only if they haven't been published elsewhere online.

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