Free Beginners course Ultimate Frisbee Maastricht
Thank you for checking out our beginners course!
We at Ultimaas are always looking for enthousiastic sport-lovers who are interested in Ultimate Frisbee.

For you to explore what Ultimate Frisbee is and whether it suits you, we offer this free beginners course consisting of 4 lessons for free. If you want to practice at home as well, you can buy our official game disc for just €10! During this course, you will learn the basics of Ultimate Frisbee.

Starting date: Thursday September 19 at 7pm at Toustruwe, Maastricht* (
Duration: 4 lessons

At the end of the beginners course you will have the possibility to join our team Ultimaas. We train twice a week and usually compete in the Mixed division, but also play in the men's and women's division at tournaments sometimes.

*It is also still possible to start after September 19.
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