KuCoin Listing Application
Thank you for your interest in the KuCoin Exchange, please fill out the application form with valid information, we will review your project based on the information you provided, if anything is found to be invalid or false, your project will not be considered for listing on KuCoin.

Please submit this application and your project will be sent for review by the Research Department. After you pass the initial review, we will share with you the listing workflow and tips, additionally an account manager will be assigned to you, to walk you through the listing process.


1. Please do not push us on giving the status of your project during the review process, the review for each project will take time and the research deep, there won’t be a date guaranteed for reviewing, integrating or testing your project, we will follow our workflow and rules strictly. The best thing to do is to provide clear concise information on your application and do not leave any detail out, no matter how small you think it may be.

2. Please follow our listing workflow and contact your account manager if you have anything urgent, but this won’t be considered to accelerate our review process.

3. Please do not pre-transfer any funds or tokens to us or any third parties, we won’t confirm any transfer beyond the requirements from our official listing contract. And our staff shall never ever ask you for any transfer via SNS, emails or chats.

4. All project reviews will be carried out in order, we do not give privilege to any project for an easier review.

5. Speaking directly with the decision maker of your team is required, this will be considered as part of the project review. A minimum of 3 contacts at the executive level must be included in your application.

No project shall use the KuCoin name in any publication whether Online or in print without the express written consent of KuCoin, and any such announcements may only be made after the KuCoin official announcement if your token is listed. All prospective projects will have a Non Disclosure Agreement to review, sign and return before any details about the project listing will be discussed.

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Is your token an ERC20 Token? If Yes Please upload the Code Audit Report
If you don't have the code audit report now, you can contact the following recommended companies to get one and provide it to us later, please go on to fill the application form.
Recommended Code Audit Report companies
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