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Please Read Before Submitting (Terms & Conditions)
Keshet receives a great number of projects and ideas every year. We must protect ourselves from claims of format and/or copyright infringement. Accordingly, if you wish to submit your project to Keshet, we request that you acknowledge the following facts and agree to the following terms under which Keshet will review your project:

1. Keshet will act under a duty of confidentiality when reviewing your project

2. Keshet has our own development team and slate of development formats (“Keshet Formats”) and we receive a large number of third party formats for review every year (“Third Party Formats”). If we were to favor your project over our existing Formats, it would need to be demonstrably different in style from anything currently being produced for or on television/digital; or have a unique asset or provide access to something/someone that would be otherwise difficult to secure. Please also be aware it is possible that your project and/or Keshet Formats and/or Third Party Formats may be the same or similar even though they have been developed independently and in isolation from each other (“Similar Materials”)

3. You acknowledge that you have no claim against Keshet if we have developed formats, have produced or are producing programs based upon Similar Materials.

By submitting your project, you hereby agree to the above terms.

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