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Please Read Before Submitting
By submitting your project, you hereby agree to the below terms.

We are calling all creators of cutting edge content to submit their English language digital-native series ideas for the chance to pitch some of the world’s foremost content decision makers at the 2018 Innovative TV Conference (INTV).

This submission agreement (the “Agreement”) is a binding agreement between Keshet Digital Studios (“Keshet”) and you. This Agreement sets forth our submission policies for any idea, concept, summary, and/or content (“Content”) that you submit using our website. You accept the terms of this Agreement by submitting the Content to Keshet. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, you may not submit the Content to Keshet.

The InTV Digital Pitch Fest (the “Competition”) begins at 9:00 a.m. PST on December 1, 2017 and will end at 12:00 noon PST on February 13, 2018.
• You may submit a maximum of two entries (each a “Concept”).
• You will not approach any other parties that develop, produce and/or broadcast shows on a commercial basis with your Concept once you have submitted to the InTV Digital Pitch Fest and while your idea is under consideration for the Competition.
• Winner will be required to enter into a separate agreement with Keshet relating to the development of the Concept into a series.
• Keshet will use its expertise to work with the winner to develop the Concept into a marketable series.
• Winner of the Competition must be willing, subject to separate compensation in connection therewith, to grant Keshet certain rights, including those relevant to enable the development and the worldwide distribution and exploitation of the series.
• Keshet may (at our sole discretion) offer unsuccessful entrants the opportunity to develop their Concept.
• You must submit a logline/idea for a format, written in a maximum of 2 sentences via this website.
• A 1-2 page treatment/summary of your idea, characters and the world they inhabit;
• You may also provide additional materials, should you desire, such as a video proof of concept, deck, or script.
• Your creative bio and (if applicable) links to previously produced work.
• Based on your Concept, we may decide (at our sole discretion) to invite you to provide further information.
• We will notify you whether or not your Concept has been selected for the second stage of the competition by Monday February 26, 2018.
• If you are invited to pitch your idea at InTV on March 13, 2018 in Tel Aviv, you will be notified by Monday February 26, 2018. Keshet will not be responsible for any travel expenses or other costs incurred by you in connection with the Competition.
• If you are selected to pitch your Concept, the pitch must be in English and will be in front of a public audience and a panel consisting of industry professionals and Keshet’s creative team at InTV. By entering this Competition, you agree and accept you will present/pitch your Concept in front of a public audience.
• The winner will be chosen by industry professionals and Keshet’s creative team (at their sole discretion), taking into account its suitability to be developed into a potentially successful format. The decision of industry professionals and Keshet’s creative team shall be final.
• The winner will be announced (and notified in person) directly after all of the entrants have presented their pitches at InTV on Tuesday March 13, 2018.
• Keshet will contact the winner by no later than Monday 19 March 2018 to begin discussions relating to the development of the winning Concept.
You represent and warrant that:
• You are an individual at least 18 years old and have the full right, power and authority to enter into and comply with your obligations under this Agreement;
• You are legally entitled to submit the Concept;
• The Concept is original;
• The Concept has not previously been produced and/or exploited as a motion picture, television production, or otherwise and no rights have been granted to any third party to engage in any such development, exploitation or production; and
• You are the sole creator of the Concept (if this is not the case and other people were also involved in the creation of the Concept, you represent and warrant that you are authorized and in a position to represent all the other parties, and that these parties have also provided their consent for you to do so).
Keshet may disqualify any entry that does not satisfy these eligibility requirements or that breaches these terms and conditions.
• You have obtained all rights necessary for all elements used in the Concept (e.g. images, location, publicity).
• Copyright may protect written material you submit during this Competition. By entering this Competition, you agree we may use, and allow others to use, this material in connection with the Competition.
• You waive all moral rights and rights of a similar nature, existing or conferred under the laws of any jurisdiction, in the Concept submitted.
• Our exercise of the rights you grant under this Agreement will not give rise to any obligation to pay you or any third party any royalty or other payment.


• To the extent permitted by Israeli law, Keshet will not be liable for any form of damage or loss which you may suffer as a result of the implementation of these terms and conditions or the Competition.
• Keshet reserves the right to amend the rules of the Competition at any time by updating them on the website specified above.
• The name of the winner will be made available on request after they have been chosen on 26 February 2018.
• Israeli law applies to these terms and conditions and any related disputes between us. If you believe that you have a claim against Keshet, you must bring the matter before the Israeli courts.
• You grant Keshet the right to review and consider your Concept and, in connection therewith, share the Concept with any person(s) engaged in review.
• Keshet has no obligation to make the Concept available or to use it in any way.
• Nothing in this Agreement will be deemed to constitute a joint venture or partnership between the parties. Neither party will have the right to bind the other in any manner.
• Keshet has the right to freely assign any and all rights or obligations under this Agreement to any party.
• All rights granted hereunder may be exercised by Keshet or by any of our subsidiaries, parent company, affiliates, subcontractors or sublicensees.
• Keshet engages in development of new ideas, formats, TV shows, film, etc. and any idea or other materials that may be submitted by you may relate to an idea, format or show already considered, examined or under development by Keshet. You agree to waive any legal claim under any theory of law in any territory that your rights were infringed due to any similarity between your Concept and any other content that is or may be developed by Keshet.

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