Graphic Design Request Form
Please submit your graphic design request by filling out this form. Be as detailed as possible. Remember that we cannot see inside your brain, so explain the look, feel, style you are wanting as vividly as possible.

Please keep in mind that you are responsible for final printing of project (if that applies). We can recommend vendors for various projects, but you must request the PO and submit the graphic we provide you to the vendor for creation.

After you submit this, this request will need to be approved by your school's/department's principal and then the superintendent before we begin the design.

You will only be permitted THREE revisions. Thus, please be as detailed as possible the first time, so we can nail down the design by the last revision (if it takes that many).

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Please upload any files I will need in order to complete this request, or any samples you would like to show for an idea of what you are wanting. For example, if I am needing to incorporate a logo of yours, please attach that here (make sure the quality is high so as to avoid pixelation).
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