NJ Junior Thespian Individual Event - 2019 Registration (Optional)
ATTENTION DIRECTORS: Please complete the following form on behalf of the students entering Individual events. Remember that each student may only register for one event. Each school is allowed the following entries in the following categories:
4 entrants for Solo Musical (4 students)
4 entrants for Monologue (4 students)
2 entrants for Duet Musical (4 students)
2 entrants for Duo Acting (4 students)

Students will be able to perform in an audition type setting, and get written feedback for their individual performances. IEs are designed for students to be able to perform in front of an audience, learn how to receive constructive feedback, and grow as a theatre student. NO STUDENT SUBSTITUTIONS ARE PERMITTED, and there will be a $5 charge if a student drops. Visit here to find the IE Guide: www.njjrthespians.org/individual-events

Deadline to submit all parts for registration: April 5, 2019

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Please read and check to confirm. "I have read the Individual Events Guide, and informed my students of the IE rules. I understand that my student's are responsible for bringing their own music, and printing 2 copies of their rubrics to bring to the festival for the judges. I confirm that all of the below IE information is correct." *
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