New Mexico Agricultural and Natural Resources Trust Fund Act - Letter of Support
The undersigned endorse the New Mexico Agricultural and Natural Resources Trust Fund Act.

As New Mexicans we understand the importance of our natural resources - the prized waterways that course through our state, the mountain streams and ancient aquifers that sustain our farms and ranches, the rich diversity of our flora and fauna, and the vast open spaces that have inspired us for generations. We recognize that these resources must be conserved, protected and restored so future generations can experience the beauty, diversity, and abundance that we know today. It's time to join together and invest in the future of our natural resources, capitalizing on this unique moment in New Mexico's history to make a significant and long-term investment in our agricultural and natural resource heritage. By doing so, we will build and pass down a legacy of stewardship for future generations.

The New Mexico Agricultural and Natural Resources Trust Fund Act represents an opportunity to invest in our state’s agricultural and natural resource heritage through a self-sustaining endowment fund. This funding would allow for on-the-ground conservation and restoration projects to be implemented across the state, resulting in healthier watersheds, cleaner water in our rivers and streams, more productive agricultural lands, improved soil health, resilience to drought and catastrophic wildfire, and enhanced habitat for fish and wildlife, all of which are integral aspects of building our resilience to a changing climate.

A dedicated source of funding will improve the pace and scale of conservation and restoration across New Mexico, from smaller habitat restoration projects to landscape-scale ecological improvements. This act provides an opportunity to leverage significant funding from federal programs, building opportunities to sustain, restore and conserve our land and water resources across land ownership boundaries. Such investments will create jobs and economic opportunity in a growing "restoration economy" that promises to impact communities large and small in every corner of the state.

The New Mexico Agricultural and Natural Resources Trust Fund Act will support New Mexico’s economy, citizens and natural resources in perpetuity and secure the health of our land, water, and wildlife for future generations.

We respectfully urge your support of this important legislation.
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