Staking Coin $200,000 Airdrop Campaign
Stakingcoin (XTC) is a decentralised, open source, Peer to Peer Credits Network. To build an interactive community and to gain traction for our upcoming ICO we have decided to do an airdrop. Staking Coin is a PoW and PoS blockchain network with a total supply of 105,000,000 Coins with only 63,000,000 XTC in circulation.

1,000,000 XTC Coins ($200,000) has been allocated to the AIRDROP program for first 10,000 users. We are going to distribute 50 XTC Coins (worth ~$10 ) to each participant who completes at least 3 of the following 4 tasks-

1. Join Telegram Announcement group:
2. Join Telegram Chat group:
3. Follow Twitter account:
4. Register on the Staking Coin Website:

You can get more XTC by referring users to the platform, and you also earn 5% of their contributions to the ICO.

For full details on the project visit-
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*Refer other users to the StakingCoin website using your unique referral link found under "my referrals" Menu .

*Participants will have the option of either receiving equivalent value of their XTC airdrop in ETH or in XTC coins.

*5 additional XTC coins will be distributed on the platform for all registered members.

*You must follow the Telegram group rules or you will be removed and your bounty application cancelled

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