Project Submission
The project must allow the students to fulfil the criteria of the project degree module. These criteria vary slightly between universities, so the project scope may need adapting slightly once you have selected your student(s). For reference, the typical criteria include:

1. Find, analyse, interpret relevant literature
2. Use their knowledge and understanding to solve a problem
3. Apply appropriate theoretical and practical (if appropriate) methods
4. Adhere to professional standards
5. Gather and process appropriate data and visualise results in an effective manner
6. Critically evaluate results
7. Arrive at reasoned conclusions
8. Communicate results in a report and presentation

By default, IP for projects is vested in the student doing the project. You may wish to set up your own IP arrangements with the student/University.

Get in touch at if you have any questions.
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Student selection
We ask students to submit their CV and answer two questions:
(1) Why are you applying for this project, and what do you hope to get out of it?
(2) What skills, qualities, and knowledge will you bring to the project?

We will pass you the applications after the closing date
To save you time, we can perform an initial sift of applications. How many applications would you like us to send you to conduct the final selection?   *
State "all" or the number of applications (minimum of three)
If you did not answer "all" above, you may list any specific criteria here that you would like us to use when judging applications (on top of the hard requirements such as relevant degree)
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Note that the student cannot use their university software licenses for commercial purposes, and may not be able to download certain software on their own computers
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