L.E.A.D. Committee Chair Application 18-19
The interview is one of the most influential parts of making decisions for appointing individuals to leadership positions. Preparing thoroughly according to the listed requirements will demonstrate your commitment and insight into the club. If you have further questions about the interview process, please feel free to email the Vice Presidents, Melissa Zhou and Alyssa Schmidt. Please direct all questions to the following email address: ckivicepresidents@umich.edu.

Interviews will be held Nov 18. Please fill out this doc (https://goo.gl/JYpCvb) with your interview timeslot upon completion of this form.

Read chair requirements on the Circle K website (http://mcirclek.org/ck/chairs) and contact the current chair, Riya Goel (riyagoel@umich.edu), and any other Leadership Team members for the positions you are interested in before submitting the application. Ask them about what they do, what the time commitment is, what challenges they encounter, what they think went well this year and what could be improved upon, etc. They can almost always provide insight into the position that you may not have thought of.

**Please note that we recommend you draft your responses (particularly for the essay portion) in a text editor of your choosing and copy and paste that into this form as your final submission. You can edit the form after submission until the deadline, Nov 15th at 11:59pm**

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