CITYSojourn ONE YEAR Application
We are looking for passionate and committed people like you with a heart for Jesus and justice.

We invite you to join us in a discernment process to see if CITYSojourn ONE YEAR is the right fit for you.

1. Fill out the online application.
2. Provide two references.
3. Go through a discernment interview with CITYSojourn. Interviews are scheduled as applications are submitted.
4. We will then give you a decision within two weeks of the interview.
5. Give you time to pray and think before making a final commitment.

CITYSojourn runs Sept 7, 2018 through through July 31, 2019.

April 15: Early bird deadline
June 1: Final deadline

Have questions? Please contact us! 330-915-3013

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What most excites you about living in the city, building healthy relationships with your housemates and neighbors, serving with a local organization, and engaging in spiritual formation? What about this most worries you? *
What are some of the strengths, experiences, and/or skills you have that would positively impact your involvement in each of the following areas: community life, service placement, church community, neighborhood engagement? *
How are peace, justice and diversity related to your faith? *
Please add any other information you feel we should know processing your application.
Please choose two non-family, non-peer persons to provide references for you. References can be pastors, coaches, mentors, professors, etc.
I agree that the information the references provide with CITYSojourn is confidential and will be used solely for the discernment of my application into the CITYSojourn ONE YEAR Program. I also understand that information gathered from references will not be shared with me. *
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Authenticity Agreement
To the extent of my knowledge, the information on this application is accurate. I understand that placing inaccurate information on the application and background checks revealing undisclosed evidence of criminal activity and/or child abuse will disqualify me from consideration for CITYSojourn ONE YEAR. By means of this release I authorize Lighthouse Ministries to make inquiries about me with the people listed in this application.
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