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Use this Google form to place your order. After submitting your order, you will receive an email from Google with a copy of your responses. Once your order is packed you'll get an invoice by email. Please respect our time - we will charge a 10% restocking fee for orders that are cancelled or never picked up.

Our preferred payment methods are exact cash or check at pickup. You can also pay with a cc online using Venmo to @johnsonfamilypastures or by clicking the "pay here" button in your email invoice.

EBT can be used to pay for pre-orders that are picked up at the farmers market. Customers with limited food resources can receive up to a 20% discount through our Fair Food Fund.

Your meat is processed, packaged, and flash frozen at a USDA Inspected facility that meets the highest standards of cleanliness. From there the only hands that touch your meat packages are those of farmers Chris and Tamara. We are practicing good hygiene and physical distancing.

We are offering "contactless" pickup. On the farm you'll pickup from a sanitized cooler located in front of the brown pole-shed. At our pick-up site in Stillwater, your order will be waiting in a cooler bag just inside the River Market Coop's east entrance. Farmers Market are taking extra measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Text GRASSFED to (917) 905-8801 for messages about inventory updates or visit to sign-up for email updates
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JOHNSON FAMILY FAVORITES BUNDLE - 1 Ribeye Steak, 2 Pork Coppa Steaks, 2 lb Ground Beef, 1 Pork Sausage, 8 oz. Jowl Bacon - Approx. $65, Save 5% (list quantity)
GRILL SEASON BUNDLE - 4 Pork Chops, 5 lbs Ground Beef, ~3 lb Boneless Loin Roast, 2 lb fresh Bratwurst, 1 Ribeye Steak - Approx. $125, SAVE 10%
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CHICKEN LIVER - $4.99/lb
CHICKEN HEARTS - $12.99/lb
to sign-up for a Whole/Half hog visit -
PORK SAMPLER SHARE- approximately 35 lbs of pasture-raised, heritage-breed pork. Contains 10 pork Chops, 4 pork Coppa Steaks, 3 Pork Roasts, 2-3 lbs Ribs, 6 packs of Bacon, and 5 lbs Sausage. This is like a 1/4 of a pork share. Save 10% over retail, approx. $275
PORK CHOPS - 1" thick, 2 chops per pack - $10/lb (list quantity)
PORK LOIN ROAST bone-less ~3 lbs each - $10/lb (list quantity)
TENDERLOIN, ~0.5-1 lb/each $18/lb (list quantity)
SHOULDER ROAST ~2-3.5 lbs each - $7.45/lb (list quantity)
COPPA STEAKS, the ribeye of pork 2 steaks/pack - $10.95/lb (list quantity)
PORK RIBS - COUNTRY STYLE, 2 ribs/pack, best to purchase 2-3 packs - $6.95/lb (list quantity)
PORK SIRLOIN ROAST bone-in ~2.5 lbs each - $8/lb (list quantity)
SPARE RIBS, ~2-3 lbs per rack - $6.95/lb (list quantity)
PORK BELLY, ~2-3 lbs per slab - $9.75/lb (list quantity)
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BACON - smoked, nitrate-free - $9/12oz (list quantity)
BACON ENDS - meaty trimmings, great for beans, greens, etc. smoked, nitrate-free - $9/12oz (list quantity)
JOWL BACON - smoked pork cheeks, nitrate-free, perfect size for breakfast sandwiches or BLTs - $6/8oz (list quantity)
GROUND PORK 1lb each - $6.95 (list quantity)
ITALIAN SAUSAGE, 1lb each - $8.50 (list quantity)
BREAKFAST SAUSAGE LINKS, 1 lb each - $8.50/lb (list quantity)
BREAKFAST SAUSAGE BULK, 1 lb each - $8.50 (list quantity)
BRATWURST, fresh, natural casing, 4 links, 1lb each - $8.50 (list quantity)
CHORIZO, 1 lb each - $8.50 (list quantity)
BUTCHERS DOZEN -buy 12 pounds of pork sausage and get the 13th pound FREE, select up to 4 different types of sausage below
HAM STEAKS - $8.45/lb (list quantity)
HAM ROAST, Uncured, bone-less roasts. - approx. 3.25-5.25 pounds each, $7.95/lb (list quantity)
HAM HOCKS, smoked, nitrate-free, ~1-2 lbs each, $7.50/lb (list quantity)
PORK SOUP BONES - roast and make broth for pho, ramen, etc - $2/lb (list desired weight in lbs)
PORK BACK FAT, great for making lard or adding to game meat - $2/lb, (list desired weight in lbs)
PORK LEAF FAT - pure, high quality, best for making pie lard - $4/lb (list desired weight in lbs)
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PORK HEART, LIVER, or TONGUE - $4/lb (list organ & quantity)
to sign-up for a 1/4 Beef Share visit -
*ON SALE* GROUND BEEF, 90% lean, 1lb each - SAVE 10% - $8.09/lb (list quantity)
10 lbs of GROUND BEEF, SAVE 15% - $76.41
25 lb GROUND BEEF, 90% lean, 1lb packages - $179.80, Save 20% (list quantity)
BEEF STEW MEAT, ~1.5 lbs each - $9.99 (list quantity)
SHORT RIBS - 8.99/lb, two short ribs per pack, order at least two packs to have enough for most recipes
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TENDERLOIN FILET STEAK, 2 steaks/pack, 1.5" thick - $25.99/lb (list quantity)
PRIME RIB ROAST - $18.99/lb (list quantity)
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RIB STEAK, 1 bone-in steak/pack - 20.99/lb (list quantity)
N.Y. STRIP STEAK, 2 boneless steaks per pack - $20.99/lb (list quantity)
T-BONE STEAK, 1 qty 1" steak/pack, - $18.99/lb (list quantity)
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PORTERHOUSE STEAK, 1 qty 1" steak/pack, - $18.99/lb (list quantity)
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FLAT IRON STEAK, 1 steak/pack- $14.99/lb (list quantity)
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SKIRT STEAK - ~2-4 lbs/each, $14.99/lb (list quantity)
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FLANK STEAK, 1 steak/pack - $14.99/lb (list quantity)
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TRI TIP, ~2-3 lbs, $12.99/lb (list quantity)
SIRLOIN STEAK, 2 steaks per pack - $14.99/lb (list quantity)
TOP ROUND STEAK - 2 steaks per pack, $10.99/lb (list quantity)
OSSO BUCCO, 2 cross-cut shanks/pack - $8.99/lb (list quantity)
ARM ROAST - $8.99/lb (list quantity)
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SIRLOIN TIP ROAST - $9.99/lb (list quantity)
CHUCK ROAST - $9.99/lb (list quantity)
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ROLLED RUMP ROAST - $8.99/lb (list quantity)
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BRISKET ROAST - $9.99/lb (list quantity) you can indicate point or flat
HOT DOGS - Uncured, All Beef, natural casing, $9/12oz pack of 5 hotdogs (list quantity)
SNACK STICKS - Uncured, All Beef, natural casing, $5/5 oz pack of 4 sticks (list quantity)
SUMMER SAUSAGE- Uncured, All Beef, $9/12 oz (list quantity)
BEEF SUET - $2/lb, (list desired weight in lbs)
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MEATY SOUP BONES - $4/lb (list desired weight in lbs)
BEEF KNUCKLE BONES, good for bone broth or your favorite dog - $2/lb (list desired weight in lbs)
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BEEF MARROW BONES, good for bone broth or your favorite dog - $5/lb (list desired weight in lbs)
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OXTAIL - $7/lb (list quantity)
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BEEF HEART - $7/lb (list quantity)
BEEF TONGUE - $7/lb (list quantity)
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BEEF LIVER - $7/lb (list quantity)
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HANDMADE SOAP - Johnson Family Pastures beef tallow & pig lard, shea butter, coconut oil, local goats milk, lye, natural dyes & scents. Approx. 3-4 oz each. Email for shipping soap orders.
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5 bars for $25
3 bars for $16.50
1 bar for $6
Rosemary & Lavender (green)
Lemongrass & Orange (orange)
Cedar, Lavender, & Orange (brown)
Oatmeal milk & Honey (black and white swirl)
By the Lake (blue-grey)
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LOGO COOLER BAGS -barn red, large, insulated, and sturdy - perfect for market shopping and adorned with our farm logo. $16/bag
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click here to order a gift certificate -
RAW WILDFLOWER HONEY - raised by our neighbor at Beez Kneez this raw country wildflower honey is the best! Kristy's bees will be coming to our farm in 2021
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