FCBC Summer Soccer/Craft Registration 夏令足球/手工藝活動報名表
Please complete a separate registration entry for each child. 請為每名孩童分別填寫一份表格。

Dates: June 7, 14, 21, 28; July 5, 12, 19, 26
Time: 7:45pm - 9:30pm
Event Address: Frisco Community Bible Church, 10055 Warren Parkway, Frisco, TX 75035
Contact: Ben Mok, benjamin.mok@friscocbc.org

Regular Registration (April 15 - May 27) Fee: $40 for FCBC members/$50 for non-members
Late Registration (May 28 - June 7) Fee: $50 for FCBC members/$60 for non-members

Payment will be either through ACH (direct pay through bank) or through PayPal. Details will be provided once this form is completed.

日期:6月7, 14, 21, 28日;7月5, 12, 19, 26日
時間:7:45 pm – 9.30 pm
地點:費斯可基督徒中國教會10055 Warren Parkway, Frisco, TX 75035
聯絡人:Ben Mok, benjamin.mok@friscocbc.com
普通登記(4月1日至5月27日) :費用FCBC會友$40;非會友$50
延後登記(5月28日至6月7日) :費用FCBC會友$50;非會友$60

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Parent's First Name家長名字 *
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Parent's Last Name家長姓氏 *
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Child's First Name孩童名字 *
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Child's Last Name孩童姓氏 *
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Child's grade孩童班級 *
Please select the grade your child will enter in the fall 請選擇伱的孩子今年秋季將入讀的班級
Soccer or Crafts?足球還是手工藝? *
T-shirt size for those playing soccer($15 each order) 足球活動參加者T恤尺碼(每件$15)
Allergies敏感症 *
Please list all of your child's allergies and/or health concerns. If there are none, please type "none". 請列舉你的孩子的所有敏感症及健康問題。如果沒有,請填寫” 無” 。
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Emergency Contact Name & Number緊急事故聯絡人姓名及電話號碼
Please provide name and phone number for us to contact if we cannot reach parent listed at top 倘遇到緊急事故而我們未能聯絡以上家長,請提供我們應聯絡的人名和電話號碼。
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Liability Waiver: I, the undersigned, will not hold the Frisco Community Bible Church, its pastoral staff, deacon board, counselors, or any volunteer leader, responsible in the event of any injury, accident, or emergency involving my child. I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure that my child follows the safety rules and guidelines during the program. 免責聲明:若我的孩子在參加教會活動時發生意外、緊急事故或受傷,我(以下簽署人) 不會向費斯可基督徒中國教會、其有關教牧人員、執事會、輔導員、任何志願工作人員或導師追究責任。我明白我有責任確保我的孩子在活動期間遵守安全指引及規則。 *
Please type in your full name to agree to the waiver請填寫你的全名作為簽署,同意以上免責聲明。
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Date日期 *
IMPORTANT: Medical/insurance information waiver 重要:選擇不申報醫療/保險資料聲明 *
Before we continue to the next section, please tell us whether or not you would like to provide Medical / Insurance Information for this registration at this time. In any emergency it is always best to be prepared. I understand that if I choose NOT to provide any medical/health insurance information there may be a delay in getting my child admitted to a hospital in case of emergency. 在前往下一部分之前,請表明你是否願意現在於本表格內提供醫療/保險資料。倘遇緊急事故,最好當然是早有準備。我(填表人) 明白如果我選擇不提供醫療/保險資料,當遇上緊急事故須把我的孩子送院醫治時,或會有所延誤。
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