2019-2020 BCEI Application!
where: bronfman center
The Bronfman Center for Jewish Student Life at NYU is the hub for Jewish student life in lower Manhattan. We are a pluralistic organization, meaning that we simultaneously celebrate the vibrancy in diversity and place a strong value on unique communal identities and experiences.

why: build community
New York City can offer so much - an internship, a job, networking opportunities, a wide variety of classes, and endless bars and clubs. However, the hardest commodity to come by is community. With an estimated 5,000 Jewish-identified students attending the schools we serve, there is significant community building to be done. We measure our success not in the number of folks who pass through our doors, but rather in the number of lives transformed over four years.

what: organizing internship
The Bronfman Center is hiring a diverse team of Engagement Interns who will take on significant responsibility both to expand our reach into new communities and social networks and to build sustainable communal infrastructure. Engagement Interns will gain experience in relationship-based engagement, community organizing, and project management.

how: responsibilities
Build meaningful relationships with 60+ Jewish students throughout the year.
Support the Student Life Team in engaging with a broad cross-section of students in our community, developing deep relationships with a significant proportion of them.
Recruit for significant seasonal learning and Shabbat experiences.
Host Welcome Week (Friday, August 23rd through Sunday, September 1) with assistance and guidance from staff and other interns.
Engage with community members at ca. 7 Shabbatot each semester.
Commit 5-8 hours per week to this endeavor.
Participate in a cohort engagement training on Thursday, August 22nd
Meet bi-monthly with a 1:1 mentor and
Meet monthly with the entire student leadership cohort (BCEIs, JLF interns, Birthright interns, and social media interns).

Who: candidate qualifications
Investment in the mission and vision of the Bronfman Center
Passion for shaping the community’s future and for engaging with diverse individuals
Commitment to expanding personal social networks, developing new leadership skills, and dedicating time and effort to community building
Ability to commit to internship responsibilities, including being in NYC for the duration of the academic year (including Welcome Week 2019)

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