Dear Firewalking Friend! Thank you for your interest in this year's FIREWALK GATHERING, held on the 3-5th of October 2018, in Hungary, close to the capital city Budapest.

This registration form is used to register your interest for this exciting upcoming public event! A "must go to" for all Firewalk Instructors and those who love Firewalking! Filling in this form does not mean a final commitment from you to participate, it only allows us to contact you directly with the program's details.

YOU will only be registered as a participant to the Gathering, once you paid the registration fee. We will send you the details of how to do this, with our first reply letter, after you complete this registration form.

Please fill in accordingly.

In order to participate in any of the days or the full program, we need you to register in advance. The number of participants are limited for each day, and participation is ensured in the order of registrations received. We kindly ask you to leave your name, e-mail address and phone number (optional), so we can get in touch with you.

Filling in the registration form DOES NOT MEAN you HAVE TO PARTICIPATE in any of the events, it merely helps us to send you the necessary further details of the upcoming event. We handle all received information and personal data with total discretion, and in accordance with international regulations for handling personal data align with local Hungarian data-processing laws, and ensure your privacy. Nevertheless would you feel more confident to register via phone, just call Bence L. Tarr at +36-20-807-807-1 or write to us directly to

When you fill in this form, we will send you a detailed description of the event, with the venue, logistics, options for accommodation, etc. shortly after your registration, usually within the next week. You only need to confirm and finalize your participation, after you have read the detailed participatory guide. The NUMBER of PARTICIPANTS ARE LIMITED! We ensure participation in the ordered of registrations.

Therefore we kindly advise you to confirm and finalize your participation as soon as possible, once you have received and read the participatory guide. Please pay attention to the deadlines for payment given in the application guide we send you. THANK YOU for your interest and enquiry!

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