Social Impact Ecosystem Builder: Questionnaire
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"What is a Social Impact Ecosystem Builder"
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"How The Social Impact Sector Can Become More Transformative"

1. Which criteria would you use to identify social impact ecosystem builders (i.e. organization or individual offering services)? *
2. How would you define a social impact ecosystem builder, based on the criteria mentioned above and/or your own criteria? *
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3. Based on the criteria mentioned in question #1 and any criteria you identified in question #2, Would you consider your organization (or yourself) to be a social impact ecosystem builder? *
4. Why or Why Not? *
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5. Please list a few individuals or organizations that fit in your definition of 'social impact ecosystem builder': *
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6. Why do you think social impact ecosystem builders are important? How can they improve the overall impact sector? *
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7. What challenges do social impact ecosystem builders face? *
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8. What are 3 changes that would improve the overall social impact sector (i.e. the whole system)? *
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9. Can I quote you for upcoming content? You will have a chance to see the context of your quote beforehand. *
10. If you said yes to #8 or would like to be notified when these posts are published, please share your name and email address below. (Otherwise, you can type in 'n/a') *
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