circle labs partner program
you can apply as a: individual, team, or serverfilling out this form is the first step of joining the partner program. the next step will be a short conversation on Discord to make sure the program is a great fit for you. 

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what's your discord usertag? please send noorie#0131 a friend request.
what are you applying as:
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if you're applying as a team, list all team members' discord tags here. if applying as a server, share ur server invite here. if applying as individual, ignore this space.
have you created a shape before
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why would you like to be a circle labs partner? how do you plan to earn points? what are similar activities you have done in the past (i.e. the more specific the better)? *
[OPTIONAL] refer 5 friends to join circle labs server to immediately earn 500 points. the more people you refer, the higher the chance of your acceptance into the program.
[OPTIONAL] how did you find out about this program? share discord tag or server name 😊
[OPTIONAL] open space for suggestions, thoughts, feedback, & ofc just to vent <3
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