Help Refinery29 create a gender identity glossary!
Refinery29 is creating a gender identity and sexual orientation glossary that’s powered by the people who identity with these terms (a.k.a. YOU). We know that there isn’t one absolute definition for terms like these, so we want to gather personalized definitions that show that, while there may be a general idea underlying many of them, the terms themselves mean something unique to the people who use them every day — and the meanings are always evolving.

Here’s how it works: Pick whichever term you identify with (or one you have a unique perspective about), and let us know how you define it. You can also submit a short 10- to 20-second video of you telling us your definition. Identify with more than one term? Submit definitions for any and all terms that apply to you! There’s no limit. (You’ll just have to fill out the form again once you’ve submitted your first definition.) If you don’t see the term you identify with, just let us know. The list below is by no means exhaustive.

The editors at Refinery29 will review the submissions and pick a handful for each term. Our plan is to release the glossary on November 1, 2017, and continue to take submissions through the month of November. Only submissions from U.S. residents aged 18 or over will be considered. Entries that contain hate speech, praise of terrorism or hate groups, or the glorification of self-injury or harmful behavior will be excluded from publication.

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