Under 18- My Allergy Card Registration Form
Thank you for registering to receive a My Allergy Card.

After you fill out the form, Allergy Life Australia will email you with a link and instructions on how to install the My Allergy Card.

If you have multiple children, please fill out a new form for each child.

The details you fill out below are used for internal purposes only to set up and create your card, and are not shared publicly or to any third parties. We may use the registration information to validate details with your child's school (to ensure they are Allergy Aware). For any questions, email contact@allergylife.com.au
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If they are in school, what is the name of their school? (This is for validation purposes)
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List emergency phone number (if part of emergency instruction)
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What type of Smartphone device do they have? If you will add this to your phone, let us know what smartphone device you have. (This is for any technical queries)
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What happens after you submit? We will set up your card and email it to you within 5 business days. If you have any questions or queries email us at contact@allergylife.com.au
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