Dist. 1. Survey about St Johns Schools
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Which school will you be referencing for your thoughts on this survey? *
What is the number 1 strength of this school? *
What is your number 1 area of concern for this school? *
How concerned are you about overcrowding at this school? *
Not Concerned
Very Concerned
How concerned are you about school safety? *
Not Concerned
Very Concerned
How responsive do you feel the school is when you have a concern? *
Very Responsive
Do you feel that parental rights are prioritized at your school? *
Not at All
Top Priority
Do you feel that you are adequately informed about what is happening on campus? *
Not informed at all
Very well informed
Thinking of books in schools - how concerned are you about the following content? *
not concerned
minimal concern
moderate concern
extremely concerned
Critical Race Theory
Sexually Explicit
Gender Ideology
Violent or Coercive Sex Acts
This is the end of the required questions - please continue on to provide contact information and/or additional details about your observations.  
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