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USDAC-EPA “dewonkification briefings” at the start of each call
Resource and future reading lists
Speaker presentations
Break-out group conversations
Graphic recording
Downloadable "Recap Bundles"
Any comments on your rankings above? Feel free to comment on anything that you found especially helpful or that you feel could use improvement.
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What are your key takeaways/learnings from joining these calls?
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What’s something that you think we could do better next time, or that could have been different this time?
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This call series was focused on shared learning for the USDAC network. As move to the next phase—shared action—what might you be interested in doing?
As we build better systems to connect artists and organizers to each other’s work, do you have offerings related to the Green New Deal or Climate Justice for our network?
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Do you plan to take part in the climate strike on Sep. 20th?
On Tuesday, September 24th at 5pm PST / 8pm EST, we'll be hosting a post-strike debrief call to share what we saw and learned—and go deeper into exploring what collective creative action can look like moving forward.
Would you like to join the USDAC for a post-strike debrief call?
Anything else you'd like to share?
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