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+ ABOUT: The Greenhouse, an initiative of the Stephen Wise Free Synagogue, is a newly launched social impact design lab for NYC Jewish teens and their peers. Our experiences will expose teens to soft and hard skills, including: critical thinking, creative problem solving, storytelling, design thinking and social entrepreneurship. The Greenhouse is a platform for Jewish teens and their peers to connect with inspiring educators, activists, artists, authors, and entrepreneurs to learn about themselves and their Jewish identity and community, to wrestle with life’s big questions, and to take action in the world through a range of hands-on program offerings.

We will offer experiences through three distinct program pillars:

● The Greenhouse Series: The Greenhouse Series is our most accessible way to attend programming at The Greenhouse. Programming is curated by a teen leadership committee alongside mentors and includes inspirational one-off or mini series workshops, panels, events, parties, fun partnerships, and classes on a range of interesting topics including: future careers, design and creativity, Jewish history and culture, food, current trends, life at college, and so much more.

● Immersive Design Lab: The Immersive Design Lab is the core offering of The Greenhouse - a semester long, 4-month creative problem solving lab that focuses on a specific challenge where teens learn about design, research, prototyping and creative methods. Each year, the Labs will focus on 2-3 themes. For 2018 we have chosen: The Brain, Citizenship and Survival.

● Travel Experiences: The Experiential Travel Program is our travel series that will bring teens to different places and incorporate aspects like history & culture, and also design and problem solving in local context in places like Mexico City, Israel, and Argentina, etc. The travel experiences can be an important part of the Immersive Design Lab experience, or as separate stand-alone programming.

+ ASK: We are looking for incredible educators, facilitators, creative thinkers, community organizers, trip leaders, curriculum developers, entrepreneurs, and inspiring professionals to design and lead a program or programs for a cohort of teens between 13-18 years old (8th grade through 12th grade). We encourage diverse applicants. Being Jewish, or having prior Jewish educational experience is not required. Prior teaching experience is also not required.

+ THE OPPORTUNITY: You will join a vibrant Founding Faculty team and new cutting-edge community of practice that will meet regularly to workshop curriculum, learn from one another, and share best practices when it comes to working with teens and preparing Gen Z for the workplace and world of tomorrow. This is a *paid* opportunity, and we are looking for individuals (or small groups) who are willing to shape curriculum and experiences alongside us.

Please fill out this form with as much detail as you can, and we will be in touch with next steps. And, don't let the form discourage you from submitting an idea! We want to hear from you, even if you're idea isn't yet fully fleshed out!

Thank you!
The Greenhouse team

(Contact: Rebecca Schumer, Founding Director, rschumer@swfs.org, 617-817-7841)

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The Greenhouse will have 2-3 yearly themes as guide posts for programming. In Year 1, we have chosen: The Brain, Citizenship, and Survival. Would your program idea integrate one or more of these themes?
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