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SPED EEF Mini Grant Request Form
Our Special Education Department is thrilled to share that we have been fortunate to receive parent donations to a new Special Education EEF fund. These generous donations have led to the creation of a SPED EEF Mini Grant. This grant is available to General Education teachers, Special Education teachers, and other EUSD school staff. The purpose of the grants are to promote positive inclusive opportunities between students with and without special needs. Please submit a separate form for each item, material, curriculum, etc you are requesting. If would like more information regarding mini-grants, here’s a flyer with some grant request ideas and a powerpoint with the 2017/18 award recipients: POWERPOINT: FLYER:
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In the event that my grant request is approved, I understand the items requested above are district property and in the event that I leave the district, the items will remain at my school site. (If I move schools, grade levels, or jobs within EUSD, I can bring the items along with me). *
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