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HumanKind Beta Test Questionnaire
HumanKind is a new digital platform currently in it's development stages. It is designed to strengthen the grassroots refugee support network, by increasing the flow of skilled volunteers and resources into the sector and improving connectivity . The platform allows organisations to communicate in a dedicated space and to highlight their needs and opportunities. HumanKind uses inbuilt algorithms. to match requests to offers and opportunities. It is made in the UK by people who are themselves refugees and asylum seekers and it is crowd sourced by a consortium of groups.

The purpose of this questionnaire is to survey the needs of the organisations operating in the sector and to shape the features of the platform accordingly.

This survey takes around 10 Minutes to complete and the data contained within it will not be shared with anyone outside the HumanKind development team. Further information on our Privacy Policy can be found here:

The Humankind platform is now open for beta testing. Please create your profile at at

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