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Membership Types: Dealer
DEALERS REGULAR MEMBER: Dealers only. Any person, firm or corporation engaged in the retail sale and delivery of a complete line of building materials that maintains a yard, warehouse facilities and delivery and lift equipment. QUALIFICATIONS: Such a dealer shall conform to the following: 1. Shall have a reputation for good moral character. 2. Shall conduct the building material business independent of any individual, firm, or corporation engaged in the contracting business. 3. Shall operate the building material business as a separate division and profit center, if part of a larger parent firm. 4. Shall have adequate finances with which to meet the obligations incurred in the daily conduct of the business. 5. Shall have an office and warehouse open to the contracting trades and the general public during all regular business hours. 6. Shall possess delivery trucks and lift trucks capable of handling the daily logistics of a building material dealer.
Membership Types: Associate
ASSOCIATE MEMBER: Any manufacturer, distributor, design professional, or person other than those engaged in the contracting industry may apply or renew membership and may serve on the Board with voting privileges.
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