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WELL Facebook Campaign (10%)
Our Bounty Program is a great chance for everyone to promote our project and get rewarded. We reserve 4,000,000 WELL tokens for our active supporters.



1) Have a minimum of 300 friends. The number should not decrease beyond this minimum during the time period in which you were participating in our campaign.
- Extra stakes may be credited in case you have:
301-500 friends = 1 stake
501 - 1000 friends = 3 stakes
Over 1000 friends = 5 stakes*
*These additional stakes will be distributed once and at the end of the campaign!
2) Make privacy settings of your Facebook profile open. Ensure that all posts you share are visible to people who are not on your friends’ list.
3) Follow the WELL official Facebook page:
4) Like and Share 7 posts per week - you will be given 10 stakes per week.
- Share official posts regularly, don’t miss even one week of your participation - you will be given 10 stakes per week. If you break this rule won’t be rewarded. We will NOT check your profile any further, once you were given a dash in the Facebook spreadsheet. Dash = dismissal from the campaign.
- The participants who joined our bounty campaign a day before verification procedure should make at least 2 shares, otherwise, the stakes will NOT be given and we will not check you profile any further.
- Participants who joined the campaign on the day of verification will be given stakes the next date of verification and should make the full amount of shares mentioned above.
- The “week” in the bounty campaign is stated as a time period starting from your registration date until the nearest verification date. If you were inactive during this time period, you will be rejected from the campaign.
- Don’t share all posts in one day!
- Don’t delete your shares after the campaign is concluded! They should be retained in your timeline for two weeks after the campaign is over. Do not change privacy settings for the shared content, all such materials must be visible for everyone on Facebook!
5) Make REPORTS of all shared posts each week, without missing even one week of your participation.
- Post reports in the WELL bounty thread - - no later than on the day of verification. Any delays with the reports will get you rejected from the campaign.Verification dates are indicated in the respective spreadsheet.
** We also offer EXTRA STAKES for the bounty members who are able to make thoughtful comments to the
Facebook posts that they share. We encourage each registered participant to support our project in this way. All
comments should be informative, written in English, and create a positive image of the WELL project. Be aware that
all “cool project/great idea/well done” type comments won’t be counted. They should be long (minimum 150
characters) and constructive posts. Spam/abuses/irrelevant information will be deleted! All commentators, who
make such posts/comments and are identified by our bounty participants will be automatically disqualified!

ATTENTION: In respect of WELL terms, we ask you to not use the following collocations when discussing WELL project, the WELL token, etc. in your comments: ICO, pre-ICO, investor(s), investment(s);
Since WELL smart contracts are compatible with US legislation, using of these words is inadmissible. All participants who violate this rule and don't take measures to correct their comments will be disqualified from participation in the campaign.
Instead, use the following nominations, respectively:
Crowdsale, pre-sale, buyer(s), purchase(s).

- 1 comment will earn you 1 stake per week. Since it is required to make 7 shares, the maximum amount of stakes that can be received is 7.
- Comments made for extra stakes should be REPORTED together with the repost links. Otherwise, they won’t be evaluated.
6) To receive a bounty reward, you must participate until the end of the campaign. If you were rejected, your stakes will be burned and returned to the Facebook bounty pool!
7) Multiple account registrations are NOT allowed, all related accounts will NOT be checked and credited.
8) All double registrations are strictly forbidden!
9) The list of participants is being updated and analyzed once per week. After the campaign is concluded, the whole Facebook bounty pool is to be redistributed among all approved campaign members considering the number of stakes each member has.

The bounty team has the right to stop accepting new bounty applications in case of too many participants in this section!

*** To provide communication between bounty team and our registered participants, we ask everyone to join WELL Bounty Telegram group @

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