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Student Energy Awareness Survey
Middlebury Sustainable Solutions Lab Spring 2019
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How much do you personally care about energy conservation? *
Not at all
A great deal
On a scale of one to five how much influence do you believe the student body has in the college’s energy consumption levels? *
Not at all
A great deal
If feedback conveyed that your energy use was above average, how much would you change your habits? *
If you answered “Not at all” or “A little” to the previous question, why?
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How should the college provide students with feedback about their energy usage? *
If the College could install a LED light that changes color based on energy consumption level in your living space – would you want one? *
We are hoping to get an idea of the appliances students bring to campus. Please check the appliances that you have in your living space: *
Would you be interested in learning about how the heating system in your dorm works? *
How often do you open the window in your room in the winter? *
How often do you change the dial on your heating system? *
What is the best way to get information to students about campus energy initiatives? *
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