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Messengers of Love Pre-Trip Questionnaire
This questionnaire must be filled out prior to approval for travel to Vietnam.
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Name *
Are you aware that this is a volunteer position, ie, there will be no salary. We will pay for food, room and board and up to $500 grant toward airline ticket (for those eligible)? *
Are you working now? If yes, full time or part time? *
Will you be able to travel this summer? *
Have you travelled internationally before? *
Have you ever been to Asia? *
Which session are you volunteering for? *
MOL gives grants toward the price of the airline ticket, up to $500 for those who make below the poverty level of $36k, and the rest is fund-raised by the applicant. Please see eligibility in the link below: MOL also gives a $300 teacher grant to full-time teachers who volunteer (proof is required). Would you be applying for a grant? Note: the $500 grant is for those who volunteer for six weeks. If you volunteer for only 3 weeks then the grant amount would be $300. Only one grant per applicant. *
Are you planning to stay an extra week for sight-seeing? *
Will you plan to go sight-seeing during the weekends? We recommend doing this while in Vietnam since there are many beautiful places to see and the cost is not expensive. *
Do you have any problem with eating Vietnamese food or do you prefer eating American food during your stay? *
Are you comfortable with working with religious people and living on the church grounds or school grounds? *
There are usually 3 teachers assigned to teach in one village. We may need to have the teachers in one room with separate beds. Are you comfortable with sharing a room with other teachers? *
We will make sure the living conditions are as comfortable as possible, such as AC during summer, a clean bed, and good food, but we are still in a third world country. Are you comfortable with living in a 3rd world country where you do not find the same comfort and conveniences you would find here? *
We provide free room and board, usually dormitory type rooms on church grounds or within the school grounds, but some people prefer to stay in a hotel or other type of accommodation and do not mind paying for it on their own. We can help you find the most  reasonable place close to the school. Hotel cost is about $10 USD a night. Are you interested in arranging your own accommodations such as hotel and pay for it yourself? *
Will you be comfortable with following a dress code: dress professionally, conservatively such as, no short skirt or low neck line, etc? *
Besides teaching English, we also teach Character based on Character Count's six pillars: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, Citizenship. Do you have any problems with teaching Character? *
Are you willing to take training courses on 'Character Counts' teaching and classroom management that MOL will offer prior to teaching? *
We have 3 grade levels: Elementary (age 7 - 11), Middle School (age 11 - 14), High School (age 15 - 18). What grade level are you comfortable with teaching? *
Do you know of others who may be interested to volunteer for this program and would like to invite them to join you on this program? *
Would you be willing to help us share our program with others on your social media or in your community? We would appreciate it. *
Do you have any questions for us? Please list them here and we will get back with you via text, email or phone call. *
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