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Constellation 2018 Theme Camp Application
Welcome to the Constellation 2018 Theme Camp Application! We are super excited to hear from you and see what you're bringing to Constellation!

Deadlines for Theme Camp applications (updated as of July 16, 2018)

This is a rolling application, hard deadline of 12pm EDT on September 7th. Applicants can expect to hear back from the City Planning team within two weeks of their submission. We strongly encourage all sound camps and camps with large space needs to apply as soon as possible.

(Note: Reserve tickets had originally be available to theme camps who applied by July 25th. Teams that have applied by July 16th have been notified that we are no longer offering reserve tickets to theme camps, and they've been encouraged to buy the tickets they need.)

Check out these Sample Questions to help make sure that you've gathered together all the information you'll need to complete this form once started. You may save a copy of the sample questions and copy and paste your answers into this form.

The sample questions are located here:

If you have any questions, please email

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