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QUESTIONS FOR #USvsHate Students/Participants (Pre-#USvsHate Activity)
Your responses to these questions will help your teachers and the #USvsHate team shape the #USvsHate project, and we're very grateful for your time. We ask for your teacher's name only so we can email your teacher the responses from his/her class. This survey is anonymous, so you can say honestly what you think.

If you are a student in the San Diego Unified School District, Sweetwater Union High School District, or Vista Unified School District, your teachers and parents may get an invitation/permission slip asking if you want to join a simple research project where we also use this material for our research. Then, you'll really shape the #USvsHate project so more students across the nation benefit from it!

(Adult facilitators: please tell students how you want your name and school name spelled on this form!

What school do you attend?
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Who is the adult leading your #USvsHate activity?
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Recently, have you seen students make active efforts to include others? Give an example. *
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Recently, have you heard students make derogatory remarks or express biased opinions about particular groups of people? Give an example. *
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How would you rate relationships among student groups in your school? *
Polarized and contentious
Respectful, civil and caring
To make your school feel welcoming to all students, what additional supports do students need? Give an example. *
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Right now, what do you think are the major controversial policies, events, or political issues affecting your school or community? How have you or other students been affected? Describe. *
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Yes, email me the results
I’d like to learn more about joining a research study helping to shape #USvsHate for a national audience.
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