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Bhakti Sastri PLUS Campus 2020 - Application Form
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Date of birth: *
Gender: *
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Marital status *
Where did you hear about the Bhaktivedanta College Radhadesh - Campus Bhakti Sastri PLUS? *
Health information *
Do you currently have any physical health problems?  
Have you had any mental or emotional health problems?  
Do you currently have any mental or emotional health problems?  
Do you regularly take any medication? 
Criminal / Abuse screening *
Have you even been convicted of a criminal offence?
Have you ever been convicted on any domestic violence charges?
Were you a victim of abuse or molestation while a minor?
Have you ever been accused of abusing a child?
References: *
Name, Email, telephone and relationship to you. Please give the reference of person who knows you well, who can give us a good understanding of the kind of person you are. Family members are excluded.
Please tell us why you would like to attend the CAMPUS Bhakti Sastri PLUS? *
What challenges (if any) do you anticipate during the CAMPUS Bhakti Sastri PLUS? *
In 150 to 200 words, describe both you strengths and shortcomings in relationship to the CAMPUS Bhakti Sastri PLUS: *
I will need transportation from airport/train station: *
In case of "YES" we will contact you two weeks before the event. Departure arrangements will be organised before end of the CAMPUS Bhakti Sastri PLUS.
Registration confirmation: *
Deposit money will be sent by: *
Rest of the money will be given by: *
Statement of Release and Consent. *
The information contained in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge. I authorize any references or temples listed here to give any information (including opinions) that they may have regarding my character. In consideration of the evaluation of this application by the Bhaktivedanta College, I hereby release any individual, temple, youth organization, charity, employer, reference or any other person or organization, including record custodians, both collectively and individually, from any and all liability for damages of whatever kind or nature.I also give my consent to the Bhaktivedanta College, allowing them to conduct any other screening processes or background investigations that they deem necessary. I understand that my acceptance in any position applied for will be pending successful completion of the screening process.Should my application be accepted, I agree to be bound by the Bylaws and policies of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness.I further state that I HAVE CAREFULLY READ THE FOREGOING RELEASE AND KNOW THE CONTENTS THEREOF. THIS IS A LEGALLY BINDING AGREEMENT WHICH I HAVE READ AND UNDERSTOOD.
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