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As an experienced entrepreneur, choosing your next company is a big deal:
Before you invest the next chapter of your life in a new project, join our handpicked cohort of impact-driven entrepreneurs in a program designed to help you discover and evaluate the best and biggest opportunities for ROI and Impact in the area of Health.

Discover and assess viable alternatives:
After a successful exit many entrepreneurs choose to pursue an opportunity that is subpar – at best. Impulsive decisions to get back into the game can be disastrous, costing time and money and causing you to miss substantial opportunities better suited to you and to the market.

Not just your average CEOs:
We’re looking for unusual people: extraordinary individuals hungry for an opportunity to co-create the solutions and businesses that address Wicked Problems. As part of 10.10.10 you will join an exclusive, handpicked team of smart people with a track record of success, a thirst for significance and the audacity to pull it off.

Take 10 days. The next 10.10.10 will focus on 10 Wicked Problems in Health supported by 10-20 Validators (corporations, nonprofits and individuals that understand the market for a solution) selected because they understand the need and the market opportunities. Validators mitigate risk, identify resources and reveal substantial opportunities making them valuable to both entrepreneurs and investors.

No experience in Health or Healthcare? Your participation may still be invaluable. We prefer those with diverse backgrounds and perspectives – including industry, gender, experience, & skill.

10.10.10 Health, Spring 2019, Denver, Colorado.
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