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Grassroots Outreach with Peerlift
You want to make college access fairer in your area, and we want to help. Fill out this quick form to give us a little more information about what your goals are, and then we can tailor our approach to fit the needs of your community. As a registered nonprofit, all of our resources are free--don't worry about hidden fees or paid add-ons. We're just happy to help advance our mission of a fairer, more equitable playing field for lower and middle income students across the US.

If interested, outreach partners can do one or all of the following:

- Spread the word about Peerlift on Facebook, social media and refer students to our free resources online.
- Connect teachers, administration, or counselors with our student resource guide to use in their high school
- Help get our website posted on local blogs, Facebook groups, community newspaper, and more
- Expand the Peerlift mission as you see fit within your community

About Us: Peerlift ( is a registered youth-led nonprofit and online platform making access to opportunities for college faster and fairer than ever before. By compiling a curated set of opportunities and vetting them based on financial aid and proven value, we hope to make these resources more obtainable to students who may not normally have access to them. We've reached all 50 states with our resources and are focused on growing our impact even more.

We encourage people of all backgrounds, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds or those living in low-income neighborhoods, to collaborate with us as an outreach partner.

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