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RSVP to 100% Lobby Day
The purpose of this day is to prepare everyday Minnesotans to go have conversations with their own state legislators about why we need a pathway to 100%. The event is happening in two shifts that overlap between 11am-12:30pm. During that 90 minute window we will organize an earned media event. You will be asked to be part of that event.

WHAT: 100% Campaign Lobby Day
WHEN: Tuesday, February 5th 8:30am-12:30pm and 11am-3:00pm (Two Shifts)
WHERE: We will meet at Christ on Capitol Hill, 105 University Avenue West, St. Paul. Our press conference will happen in Press Conference Room B971 in the Capitol.

You are invited. The event is free. Your RSVP is strongly encouraged. We plan to provide snacks, but not lunch. You will need to pay for your own parking and lunch.

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Travel Needs
We are strongly encouraging people from Greater Minnesota to participate. This will be an in-person event. Travel stipends will be available.
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Demographic Information
We intend to build an event that welcomes people of different races, genders, immigration histories, faiths, etc. The following questions are optional, but are helpful for us to know so we can create an event that welcomes everyone.
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