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Application for “SEEING THE RACIAL WATER: An Anti-Racist 3-Day Intensive for White People”
Please fill out the following application to be considered for acceptance. You will receive an email from Education for Racial Equity with further details related to your application.
*Attendance Policy
Attendance for all three days (approx. 9:30AM to 6PM) is required. Please check your schedules to ensure this is possible before applying.
*A Note on Finances
The cost for the intensives are as follows :

East Bay, CA — sliding scale $550 - $750
Los Angeles, CA — sliding scale $575 - $875
Washington, DC — sliding scale $550 - $750
Humboldt, CA — sliding scale $550 - $750

As a part of ERE's mission we are committed to channeling resources above our baseline production costs to BIPOC-led organizations in the areas where we work, as well as offering partial scholarship to our events whenever possible. We aim to focus our scholarship support on low-income, LGBTQ+, and youth individuals. We work one-on-one, when needed, to meet people's specific payment needs. If you have questions or a need for support on this topic, please apply and send us an email at letting us know your situation and we will be happy to work with you on it.
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