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Editor Knows Best highlights editing and writing topics. The podcast is a one-stop shop for book writing, manuscript and editing information. International authors, storytellers, publishers, poets, and more chat with the host CaTyra. CaTyra is the CEO of Love for Words which is an editing boutique for authors and writers. She addresses frequently asked questions she receives from clients and chats it up with other literary creatives. This is an audio, pre-recorded podcast interview.

Editor Knows Best feature includes the following: A graphic for promo, 1 (one) recording, social media promotion, and an audio copy of the interview. Yes, there is a $35 fee.
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Potential Questions: Does writing energize or exhaust you? What is your writing Kryptonite? What was your experience publishing your first book? Favorite part of publishing? Least favorite part of publishing? Importance of the book cover? Traditional or self-published? Do you work with an editor or do you self edit your work? Why? Do you believe in writer’s block? Why or why not? What would you recommend to overcome to writer’s block? Why do you write? Why did you become an author? What genres do you write? Do you use an outline when writing a book? What authors and writers inspire you? If you have a business, tell us more about it. Final word, recommendation to aspiring authors? Name of your book. When is your book being released? How can the audience keep in touch with you? *
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Editor Knows Best feature includes the following: A graphic for promo, social media promotion, and an audio copy of the interview.
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