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Official LAGERS club Homebrew Con Survey
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Are you a LAGERS member? *
How many household members are attending the conference? *
Are all attendees AHA members? *
Are any friends or family traveling with you (not attending HBC)?
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Select the days you plan to attend *
Will you be staying at the resort? *
Do you need us to pair you with someone to split a room? *
Are you interested in splitting the cost of a van for transportation to and from Nashville (Thursday & Sunday morning)? *
Would you rather we each bring kegs or do collaboration brews together for a select few kegs to highlight the club's beer?
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If you were to bring individual kegs, how many will you plan to bring?
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Would you like to volunteer for Social Club for 2-3 hours? (includes 30 min for set-up and take down) *
Would you like to participate in and volunteer for club night? (set-up, take-down, serving, selling merch, beer board, building structures or costumes, dressing up based on a theme, etc...) *
Are you interested in assisting the planning of club night? (organizing the theme, costumes, structures, and merchandise) *
Would you like to have dinner together as a club? *
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