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Unidos para los Animales Foster Application
Unidos para los Animales (UPA) is a small animal welfare group based in La Antigua Guatemala. We bring in lost, injured, and abandoned animals and nurture them back to physical and mental health. We treat, vaccinate, sterilize, and rehabilitate dogs and cats before placing them in loving homes. By fostering for us, you will help us save more lives and prepare our rescue animals for their forever homes. We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without our foster families!

UPA provides our fosters with crates, bedding, food, medicine, toys, collars, leashes, harnesses, flea control, and any other supplies you may need (donations of these things are always appreciated), and covers all pre-approved veterinary expenses. We also provide our fosters with a support network of other fosters and volunteers, as well as advice and guidance from UPA Co-Founder Linda Green, CTC and honors graduate of the Academy for Dog Trainers. In addition, we run a Saturday puppy program so you get a half-day off and your foster puppy gets the opportunity to socialize with other puppies and dogs, as well as receive training from and play time with our amazing group of children volunteers.

Please send a membership request to our Foster and Volunteer group on Facebook:
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