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SNS Schools online session booking form
*If you have any questions before completing the booking form below, please email // Tel: 0207 284 5940*

The Solutions Not Sides programme is broken down into four parts. Teachers must confirm they are able to run all the sessions for their students that they book, and that the homework will be set. If teachers are able to, we strongly recommend they opt for all four parts, either with students over one year or multiple years, in order to get the full benefit of all three educational elements that we are offering
Parts 1 to 2 are suitable for Years 9-13
Part 3 is suitable for Years 10-13
Part 4 is suitable for Years 11-13 (a good follow up project for those who have done our workshop in earlier years)

The educational elements which Solutions Not Sides workshops provide are:
• Humanising encounters
• Diverse narratives
• Critical-thinking skills

The sessions will be conducted by an SNS staff member with an Israeli and a Palestinian speaker online. These sessions will ideally be run each week for two to three consecutive weeks, although as long as enough time is left between sessions two and three for students to complete the homework project (we recommend around one week), we can adapt to a schedule that is most convenient for you. It is vital that a teacher is present in all of the online sessions for safeguarding and behaviour management. For live online sessions, each student will need to be on their own computer. Sessions are suitable for up to 30 students. We can use Zoom, MSTeams, Skype, or any other medium which your school conducts virtual learning through. We will require your classroom to be set up with projector, computer, screen and sound in order to use video call. Please also ensure your classroom has a microphone and, if possible, camera setup.

As a registered charity, we aim to offer an educational service to British secondary schools and community youth groups that is affordable - to the point of being free if necessary, in order to ensure that no institution or group is excluded from benefitting from this service due to a lack of funds. However, although we receive some core funding both from generous donors and the British Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, we would ask that if schools and communities can make a contribution that they do so, as the core funding we receive is not currently enough to cover all of our costs.

Session parts:

1. Student preparation (can be done as homework or as a teacher-led preparatory session); 1 hour, not optional £0

2. Live online session with Israeli and Palestinian speakers, facilitated by an SNS staff member; 1 hour, not optional, £50 (this is a recommended contribution only if your school is able to, not a fee)

3. Solutions project (done as homework with a follow-up, SNS-led online session with the same Israeli and Palestinian speakers, or teacher-led in class); between 30 minutes and 1 hour - optional, £50 (this is a recommended contribution only if your school is able to, not a fee)

4. Student projects are an exciting way for students to develop their understanding around one of the following topics- Refugees, Religion, Nationalism, Negotiations, Activism in the UK, Emotions and Conflict, and Media and Critical Thinking. Students are provided with resources to be able to create a class project on their topic either in lesson or as homework; 1 hour
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