International Kadampa Retreat Center Grand Canyon Volunteer Visit Application
A great way to experience life at IKRC Grand Canyon and to put your compassion into action is a volunteer visit. In exchange for 35 hours of voluntary work, you will receive dormitory accommodation and 3 vegetarian meals a day, as well as the opportunity to attend community prayers and General Program classes. This application is intended to make sure that all volunteers have enjoyable experiences and make positive contributions to IKRC Grand Canyon. Please answer all questions.

Please Note:
* To preserve a tranquil meditative and retreat environment, and in accordance with our internal rules, the following are not permitted at IKRC Grand Canyon: illegal drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes. Also, only vegetarian food is served at KRC Grand Canyon.
* Health insurance is not provided for volunteers. You will be responsible for your own health­care needs, including doctor visits, prescriptions, and hospitalization.
* If you are accepted as a volunteer, please be prepared to provide a photo I.D. (e.g. driver’s license or passport) upon arrival.
* The working visit can be ended early by IKRC Grand Canyon if volunteers engage in behavior that disrupts the tranquil meditative and retreat environment.

Questions? Call us at (928) 637-6232 or email
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If you don’t currently attend a Kadampa Center, please list two references (and to speed up the application process, please inform them that someone from IKRC GC will be contacting them):
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Do you have any physical or mental conditions or limitations that could impact your ability to work and live harmoniously in a community?Volunteer work may, at time, be physically demanding such as landscaping, rock wall building, housekeeping and general maintenance *
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