Residence Life Questionnaire for AEC
Please be as honest as possible on all answers. There are no right or wrong answers and your answers will not necessarily disqualify you from acceptance into Amundsen Educational Center. If you prefer to print a pdf version of this form, go to and follow the directions for submitting a paper application.

Please make sure you also fill out the Enrollment Application for AEC.

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An enrollment application and acceptance into a diploma program is necessary for acceptance into residential life.
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Do you have family and/or friends who are supportive of you living on the AEC campus and attending training? *
If you have children, do you hope to have them live with you while you attend training at AEC?
What would those closest to you say are your top 3 strengths? Would you agree? *
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What would those closest to you say are 3 of your weaknesses? Would you agree? *
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Have you ever struggled with drugs or alcohol? (Answering yes will NOT necessarily disqualify you from acceptance.) If yes, what has helped or would help you to quit? *
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Have you ever been convicted of a crime? (Felony or Misdemeanor) *
If yes, please explain:
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Are you currently on probation for a crime? *
If yes, what is the name and contact information for your Probation Officer?
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Many of the activities on the AEC campus are focused on helping our students grow in their spiritual formation. Would you describe yourself as someone who as started on a spiritual journey? *
If yes, please tell us a bit about your spiritual journey.
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Are you willing to attend our spiritual formation activities with an open mind and positive attitude? Please explain. *
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The residence life program requires participation in several different areas of Christian faith development. These areas include devotions (3+ times a week), weekly church attendance, home groups, and service projects. Are you willing to participate in these activities? *
Would you like to add anything else that you think we should know about you?
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Do you have any questions at this time about Amundsen Educational Center?
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