Order a signed copy of Stacey's book "An Unconventional Life"
Thank you so much for asking about “How do we get you to sign one of your new books?”

Here is the answer!

1. Purchase the book through me, plus shipping
2. Tell me who you want it dedicated to
3. Pay with the Paypal link we’ll send you and it will be shipped to you within the next 3 weeks.

The book is $19.95 plus shipping, which is...

- 1 book, add $6.50 for shipping
- 2-5 books, add 12.50 for shipping
- 6-10 books (priority) add $20 for shipping
- 11 or more books, or if you're wanting to send to a non U.S.A. address, let us know and we'll reply back with your special shipping costs.

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