Democratic Club of Greater Tracy Membership Application Form
The purpose of the Democratic Club of Greater Tracy shall be to:
1. Encourage the growth and success of the Democratic Party in the Greater Tracy Area by promoting voter registration, voter education and through participation in local politics and issues;
2. Seek to publicize and support Democratic candidates and causes;
3. Assist the different Democratic political campaigns occurring within the Greater Tracy Area;
4. Appoint committees and perform any other duties and services for the Democratic Party in the Greater Tracy Area as seem to be for the benefit of the party; and
5. Conduct other lawful business of the Club.

Any individual qualifies for Club membership if:
a. The individual is a registered Democrat in San Joaquin County;
b. The individual is ineligible to vote (due to minority, non-residency, or other legal impediment), but pledges to register as a Democrat when eligibility is attained;
c. The individual supports the goals, mission and purpose of the Club as stated above.

Types of Membership
The Club membership shall be composed of two (2) types of Members: Regular Members and Associate Members.
a. Regular members are members in good standing who reside in San Joaquin County. All Regular Members shall have the privilege of the floor and voting rights.
b. Associate Membership may be granted to any registered Democrat in who wishes to be affiliated with the Democratic Club of Greater Tracy. Associate Members must comply with all applicable Membership Requirements and may reside outside San Joaquin County. Associate members shall have the privilege of the floor, but not voting rights. Associate members may not serve as a representative of the Club at pre-endorsement conferences.

Membership Duties
d. In addition to meeting the membership requirements above, all members are expected to actively participate in at least 51% of scheduled regular and/or special Club meetings, as well as Club sponsored events and activities to encourage civic participation and promote the Democratic Party platform.
e. In addition, regular members who fulfill the 51% participation rule have the right to vote on endorsement of candidates for public or Democratic Party offices.

All Members shall be required to provide full and ongoing written disclosure to the Club regarding the nature of any and all financial relationships with, and/or fiduciary responsibilities to, any political organization or private business or public entity collaborating with, or pursuing a business relationship with the Club.

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I understand that one of the requirements for membership in the Democratic Club of Greater Tracy, I must support the goals, mission and purpose of the Democratic Club as stated above. *
I understand that if I declare candidacy for office, I must surrender all information obtained through activities of the Club, and may not use any information obtained through the Club's activities for purposes of my campaign. *
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