To the Laurens County Council
Dear Elected Official,

We, the residents of Laurens County, are aware of the wood pellet industry that is

currently expanding across the Southern U.S. and are concerned about the potential

impacts of this industry on the quality of life, health, safety, economic prosperity, and

environment of the local community and its residents. The activities surrounding wood

pellet production include dust pollution that has been linked to heart disease and

cancer, constant noise, increased logging, and dangerous truck traffic.

Not only does the wood pellet industry threaten the natural beauty and tourism value of

our forests, it also threatens our existing wood product industries with unfair subsidized

competition and operates with none of the sustainability standards and responsible

management practices as does the traditional timber industry.

Our taxpayer dollars should not support this short-sighted industry that harms the

residents of Laurens County. We call on you to pass a resolution to discourage and

deny incentives for the industrial-scale production of wood pellets, and the industrial-

scale burning of wood for electricity in Laurens County.

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